Establish the UK as the global leader in hydrogen-powered flight.

easyJet, Rolls-Royce, Ørsted, Airbus, ZeroAvia, GKN Aerospace, and Bristol Airport have formed an alliance to take advantage of the huge potential hydrogen presents for the aviation industry and the UK as a whole. The objective of the Hydrogen in Aviation Alliance is to collaborate with the government, local authorities, and the aviation and hydrogen sectors to create the conditions that will secure the UK’s place as a global leader.

About us

According to experts, hydrogen-powered aviation will play a crucial role in achieving net zero emissions while also providing a significant boost to the UK economy. The use of hydrogen as a fuel source will offer various advantages, including being a feasible alternative for short-haul aviation. The UK’s strong aviation research and development ecosystem puts it in a favourable position to capitalise on this opportunity. The use of sustainably produced hydrogen is particularly promising as an aircraft fuel because it generates no carbon emissions, unlike other technologies.

Our purpose

“We must work together to deliver the radical solutions required for a hard to abate industry like aviation so we can protect and maximise the benefits that it brings to the UK economy and society and that we know British consumers want to be preserved."

A Statement from Johan Lundgren (CEO, easyJet)



Delivering the scale of change required to achieve this requires collaboration between government and industry. This report is intended to help policymakers recognise and act on the pivotal role hydrogen will play in decarbonising one of the hardest-to-abate sectors.

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